About Torresat T.V.

Torresat T.V. are the leading supplier of English television to the ex-pat community of the Costa Blanca region from Alicante in the north to Mazzaron in the south.

Torresat T.V. has been supplying television for over 20 years, and are always investing in new Technology. Torresat T.V. is currently in the process to supply H.D.t.v. as well as other new technology. Torresat T.V. deploys state of the art equipment to deliver top quality digital television for your enjoyment. Digital television transmission offers the best reception quality for your viewing. Reception quality from small personal antenna can sometimes be poor, we use large antenna to receive our signals, so that our system offers high quality reception with good reliability, thus ensuring the future of Torresat T.V. as the leading supplier of English television to the Costa Blanca.

We at the Installation department have over 30 years experience from the old analogue systems and digital systems of the U.K. to the current fully digital Q.S.P.K. system that Torresat T.V. supply. Supplying to over 30.000 clients both individual clients and community systems, including bars and restaurants, so we can install to virtually any customers requirements, we work hand in hand with Holiday rental property agents to fulfil their clients property installations, ensuring all installations are completed within 24 hours, Our motto is and always will be

Service Second To None.